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New Feature

0.91.1 - April 7, 2004

Fix crash when gtk reports no (zero) dpi for pango.

0.91.0 - April 5, 2004

Add accelerators to playlist window buttons, menus.
Fix slow loading of playlists with playlist window open.
Minor bug fixes.

SLIK 0.91.0:

Fonts are now antialiased.
Added decal widget, to allow drawing onto the skin background, and under other widgets.
Added support for skin_sticky button widget.
Font descriptions now use pango style, the old X font style descriptions are depreciated.
Changed color shift algorithm.
Skin editor enhancements.
Fix list row flag when app does not set them.
Bug fixes.

0.90.0 - March 16, 2004

GTK 2 port completed.
Pulled in copy/move/delete/rename dialog updates from GQview.
Improved drag and drop in the playlist window.
Fix compile bugs with some media key values.

SLIK 0.90.0:

Ported to GTK 2
Fix help window crash in skin editor.
Bug fixes

0.20.0 - February 2, 2003

Added audio keys support, see README to setup your internet keyboard for X.
Updated French translation.
Fixes to ogg support for the vorbis 1.0 release.
Fixed endless loop causing lockup when repeat and play next song on error is enabled with only one song in the playlist

0.19.0 - September 4, 2002

Speed improvement when removing many songs at once from the playlist.
Fixed incorrect column location for text entry when editing comments in the playlist window.
Fixed bug causing flybys to never show when the delay between songs is set to 0 seconds.

SLIK 0.13.0:

Skin resizing speed improvements.
List scrolling speed improvements.
Added skin release info editing to the skin editor (comments button).
Added keyboard window sizing support.
Fixed list bugs when clicking on a non active row.
Fixed events being sent to a window twice.
Skin editor fixes.
Fixed initial path display in file dialogs.

0.18.0 - August 19, 2002

Added a playlist viewer window to the default skin.
Use X fonts for the default skin, international characters should now display correctly.
Added ID3 tag v1.1 support for track numbers.
Fixed ID3 tag writer from using spaces to pad out empty part of text fields.
Fixed --dockwm race condition causing window to not show in the dock.
Fixed man page formatting error.

SLIK 0.12.0:

Added option to rotate text and number widgets in 90 degree increments.
Added a static handle (no rotate) option to the dial widget.
F10 will now show the right click menu regardless of the keyboard focus setting.
Skinned menus now always support the keyboard for menu selection.
Fixed insensitive rows not being drawn as such in skinned menus.
Skin window grouping fixes.
Fixed text widget saving bug in the skin editor.
Fixed bug allowing open of more than one instance of a window with the skin_open button after a skin_toggle button has changed the window skin.

0.17.0 - July 17, 2002

Added X font support to skin spec.
Changed mrclean skin to use new X font support, please test.
Updated Chinese translation.
Fixed bug causing winamp skins showing the small mode of the skin in place of the right click menu when skinned menus are enabled.
Fixed bug when selecting root directory in playlist window.
Fixed zombie processes in ogg reader.
Fixes for FreeBSD compile.

SLIK 0.11.0:

Added X font support to text and list widgets.
Fixed bug in drop down file history for path selection dialogs.
Bug fixes.

0.16.0 - May 3, 2002

Added configuration of radio device.
Added 'save playlist' to main pop up menu.
Added open_file, open_playlist, open_custom, and save_playlist to the skin spec.
Many fixes to the ogg123 support.
gtk specific command line options now work.
Fixed a possible buffer over run in cpu percent usage polling (linux).

SLIK 0.10.0:

Added divider between dirs and files in path selection dialogs.
Fixed a file descriptor leak in skin loader.
Fixed writing of blank focus file name (should not be written at all) in the editor.
Fixed unhiding of a widget to update it's state first.
Fixed clist in place editing scroll bug.
Fix and guard against a few cases that may cause a crash at startup.

0.15.0 - March 17, 2002

Cleaned up mrclean skin, adding themed playlist and song info windows.
Flybys are now interactive, and include a right click menu.
Flybys and themed menus now support all widgets of the main window.
Added playlist text widget to skin spec for display of playlist name.
Fix command line file path handling.
Small bug fixes.

SLIK 0.9.0:

Skins can now open skinned subwindows.
Bug fixes.

0.14.1 - March 10, 2002

Minor aesthetic alterations to the mrclean skin.
Fixed crash when closing a skinned menu.

0.14.0 - March 9, 2002

Added keyboard support to the skin engine (on by default).
Added skinned menu support (off by default).
Added flyby window that briefly appears at the beginning of each song to display the title and artist (off by default). This is only displayed when the player advances to another song without user intervention.
Included new mrclean skin in the package.
On demand song info loading is now done in the background.
F10 key now displays the pop-up menu.
Updated French translation.
Increased ID3v2 header skip size maximium to 64k (from 16k).
Spacebar no longer equates to 'play' button, use P instead.

SLIK 0.8.0:

Added keyboard support.
Added skinned menu support.
F10 key now displays the pop-up menu.
Fixed imported fonts for the text widget failing to display in the the skin editor.
Minor bug fixes.

0.13.0 - February 26, 2002

Updated French, and added Finnish translations
Added on demand load of song information for the playlist window.
Searches further into mp3 files with ID3v2 tags for header info.
Added ID3 blank genre option.
Fixed file descriptor leak in mpg123 fork pipe.
ogg song information tags are now case insensitive.
Fixed possible buffer overruns with sprintf, strcpy, etc.
More bug fixes.

SLIK 0.7.0:

New meter, scope, and spectrum widgets (sound-monitor applet).
Better separation from application.
Made widget creation functions consistent.
Widgets now register their type when needed. (no more ui2_init.c).
Prep work for port to GTK 2 (use correct signal prototypes).
Fixed buffer overrun in pixbuf_copy_channel.
Many, many, bug fixes.

0.12.1 - January 29, 2002

Added --geometry command line option.
Updated French translation.
Playlist now scrolls with drag and drop.
Adding directory contents to a playlist now sorts the contents first.
Fixed ogg filenames with spaces.
Made the M3U file reading actually work.
Minor other fixes.

0.12.0 - January 3, 2002

Added bitrate etc. information and comment support for ogg files, including a comment editor.
Song titles and comments are now customizable, and are saved in the playlist (to customize use right click menu in playlist).
Added Traditional Chinese translation (zh_TW).
Added help window (displays README).
Basic read-only support for m3u 3.0 titles saved in a playlist.
Fix (at least improved) --dockwm behavior.
Several misc fixes.

SLIK 0.6.3:

Add util to display a text (README) file.
Bug fixes.

0.11.0 - November 9, 2001

Reworked the mpg123 parser, and guard against buffer over-runs.
All menus are now created dynamically, with a few improvements.
Added more descriptive radio tuner error output.
Fixed radio mute bug. (If there was no radio sound in the previous version, this may fix it).

SLIK 0.6.2:

Implemented widget hide/show.
Application can now scroll the list.
Changed dialog spacing and button layout.
Added skin_iconify button key.
Added more menu utils.
Item animation now works with only 2 sections.
Fixed state saving and restoring.
Fix list text updating.
Fix dialog auto-close option.
Many bug fixes.

0.10.0 - October 27, 2001

Added video4linux radio tuner support of /dev/radio, stations are added by 'opening custom' and choosing 'Radio station'.
Updated French translation.
Allow user options entry for ogg123.
Attempt to set the correct ogg123 device for the platform.
Added (untested) support for mixers on Tru64 and HPUX.
Added Russian ID3 tag support (configure --enable-russian).
Show overwrite confirm dialog when overwriting a playlist.
Fix closing of a pipe twice in ogg123 module.
Fix incorrect warning flags during ogg123 playback.
Make double size work again.
Minor bug fixes.

SLIK 0.6.1:

Add right click menu to file dialog for rename/delete, and add button to create a new directory.
Fix clist cell edit utility to display the cursor.
Fix to ignore selection of empty list rows.
Fix list scrolling.
Fix double size.

0.9.0 - March 19, 2001

Added presets list widget to the skin spec.
All widgets in the skin spec should now be documented in SKIN-SPECS file.
Single clicking on a playlist in a skin now selects the song, double clicking will play the song if stopped.
Minor Japanese translation update.
Fixed the window classes so everything is unique, the main window is now GQmpeg:gqmpeg and the playlist is GQmpeg:playlist.

SLIK 0.6.0:

New font widget, for use by text in the same method digits are used by numbers to conserve memory.
For text, the data field is now used as the default text when the application does not register a matching text key. Useful when labels are needed in a skin.
Skin sizes are now remembered for sizeable skins.
Improved list widget button press handling (to work more like a button).
Fixed the parser so that spaces are accepted in keys and data fields.
Digits (and fonts) can now only be removed in the editor when no widgets reference them.
Fixed background updates for hidden widgets (fixes transparent items linked to sliders and dials).
Fixed calculations for list widget row borders.
Fixed broken widget placement when setting background in the editor.
When opening the editor, the skindata entry field used for load and save is now set correctly to match the active skin.

0.8.3 - February 28, 2001

Added a list widget to the skin spec (key is list_playlist)
Fixed bug causing failure to open playlists from the file dialog.
Fixed crash when requesting song information with a blank playlist.
Attempted to fix failure on http mp3 streams that did not contain a path.
Fix compile for a few systems.
Updated SLIK (includes many fixes for bugs and memory leaks).

0.8.2 - January 6, 2001

The skin handling is now done by SLIK. (SLIK is a semi-self-contained version of the skin code from 0.8.1 also available seperately as a base framework for new applications.)
Skins can now be made sizeable.
Added 'skin_expand' and 'skin_size" buttons to the skin spec.
Added support for the Ogg Vorbis ogg123 player.
New open and save dialogs, now with filters.
Added 'convert underscores to spaces' option.
Added 'output to raw' option to mpg123 module.
Player modules no longer forget their settings when they fail to enable.
Player modules handle errors better (for example a backend crash).
About is now a separate window.
Fix state being stuck in play when a module encounters a playback error.
Loop A-B is now disabled when the song is a live stream.
Repeat enabled and button presses no longer ignored when 'delay between songs' is enabled.

0.8.1 - December 3, 2000

Now displays count down of time remaining when delaying between songs.
Fix translation corruption/bug/crash for playlist window list titles.
Fix missing minus sign in default skin small mode.

0.8.0 - December 1, 2000

Skin spec updated to version 2. Please see SKIN-SPEC-V2 for format and all available options.
Retained version 1 compatibility. To change a skin to the V2 spec, load it into the editor then save it, which brings us to:
Added skin editor (press tilde (~) key to open the editor). Editor can extract/list widgets from all installed skins for use in new skins. (Please see the 'Skin editting notes' section of the README)
Added "repeat 1" and "repeat A-B" options and buttons. Keyboard keys are [CTRL][1] and [A], repectively.
Added optional delay between songs (in seconds, default is off, or 0).
Added ipc commands --skin_set, --volume and --status.
Added 'user options' entry for mpg123.
Added 'randomize list' option to the playlist right click menu.
Updated Japanese id3 tag support and translation.
Updated French translation.
Added text displays to skin spec for year and comment.
Added input or output to description of mixer devices on NetBSD.
Fix seek during pause from setting status to play.
When number values exceed length, show all 9s.
Fixed crash when http strings end in '/'.
Fixed other various small bugs and issues.

0.7.3 - July 24, 2000

Mouse wheel now controls volume (buttons 4, 5).
Updated translation fr, and added pt_BR.
Title of main window now shows current song.
Playlist button now toggles the playlist window on/off.
Added .okt to xmp extension types.
Better title display of http urls.
Moved 'read id3 tags' option to mpg123 config tab.
Renamed 'playlist accounting' to 'read file information'
Drop down history is now saved between runs.
Minor compile and file cleanups.
Made key presses work with caps lock on (doh!), made keypad keys work.
Fix crash when preset names exceed 48 chars.
Various other changes and updates.

0.7.2 - June 5, 2000

Dropped libmikmod, now uses xmp for .mod, etc.
Added 'output to wav' options for mpg123.
Playlists now load in the background after the first song is found, shortens start-up time with long playlists.
Added 'loading status item', 'time remaining button', and 'time total button' to the skin spec.
Added French translation.
Added 'always scroll title' option.
Added 'remove filename extension in title' option.
Added a man page.
Changed a few command line option prefixes from - to --.
Added a -q, --quit ipc command line option.
Updated the plugin to also work with .m3u links (audio/x-mpegurl)
Minor display changes.
Broke mixer.c into platform-specific subsections.
Allow recordable channels to be selected for volume (Linux, FreeBSD).
Removed (broken?) freeamp support.
Standard command line options are now passed when starting in the background.
Fix rare crash in io_mpg123.c
'Transparency to root window' now works with tiled images.
Fix so that skin specified on the command line will search in all locations correctly.

0.7.1 - May 20, 2000

A few libmikmod features support added to output->mod tab.
Added Dial widget to skin-spec for position/volume/balance.
Dial and button widgets now support clip mask, helps to create skins with widgets that would overlap if rectangular only.
Import gone, regular loading does this automatically now.
Added 'disable resync on error' option for mpg123.
Updated translations cs, de. (they are old, but newer than what was replaced)
Added dnd support for netscape/x-urls.
Plugin uses cut instead of awk.
genre values over 127 should work properly now.
-dockwm fixed, WindowMaker should dock correctly now.
ipc no longer uses timeouts for status check.
RPMS now include translation files.

0.7.0 - April 24, 2000

New skin!
Now uses autoconf/make, resulting in configure script.
Now supports i18n, added translations: cs de ja
Moved to gdk-pixbuf (use at least 0.7.0).
Transparency (multi level) is now supported on any image, helpful for skins that want to draw numbers/text on a textured background.
Skins can be made semi-transparent (does not work well with most skins, but does work ok for the default).
Skins can be color shifted. (results vary by skin).
Playlist window now includes a basic file status icon, for currently playing song, when a file fails to play, unknown type, etc.
Added option 'Play next song on error', to playlist tab.
Added total playlist time option. (right click -> toggles)
Added live/total/normal/remaining time indicators to the skin spec.
Number items can now be centered (see SKIN-SPECS).
Added add/remove current song to/from current playlist. (right click)
Added dialog for setting presets, presets can also now be a song file or stream (right click -> presets, lower two items).
Added drop down history for copy/move/open/save dialogs.
Added status request to ipc commands.
Playlist window sizes of file lists and song columns are now also remembered when 'remember window position' is enabled.
Updating one item on the window no longer requires a complete redraw. (helps: sliders now keep up with mouse on large skins)
Fix 'add custom' dialog bug, selected url was not being added to the playlist.
-Wall compile cleanups.

0.6.3 - 7/3/99

Added mpg123 0.59r support, (removed warnings).
Added (back) freeamp support, should work now with freeamp 1.2.3, seeking still does not work, however.
Added support for mpg123 --aggressive option to use higher priority, only has effect if mpg123 can get a higher priority (mpg123 is setuid root).
Skins can now also be located in a system dir (eg: /usr/local/share/gqmpeg/skins)
Saving an ID3 tag now updates the file in the playlist.
Timeout for http streams increased to 20 seconds (from 10).
Added NetBSD native sound system support.
Fixed ipc on NetBSD (should work now).
Fix playlist length count display bug.
Fix crash when applying id3 headers and playlist window was not open.
Fix buffer over-run causing crash in g_hook_next_valid() when mpg123 decides to exit or crash.
The display is now frozen during playlist load, should be faster now.
The volume slider is now occasionally updated to the real volume.

0.6.2 - 6/01/99

Added dialogs for mpg123 connection failures, etc.
Songinfo window now recognizes type http.
Fixed to be able to play files given on the command line, add globbing for select ipc command line options.
Fix title display for http streams ending with '/'.

0.6.1 - 5/27/99

Fix badmatch error on 8 bit pseudo color displays.
Fix unwanted warnings of mpg123 id3 tag information output.

0.6.0 - 5/24/99

Shoutcast/streaming support, including saving to playlists.
Multiple file selection in playlist window.
Drag n drop in playlist and main window, playlist can be ordered by dragging too (with the middle button).
BSD cpu utilization code patch.
SGI mixer support patch.
Window Maker docking option -dockwm, standard -dock option.
Ability to play a file not in playlist (right click menu->Open)
Ability to import playlists not created with gqmpeg
More complete ipc and command line options (gqmpeg -help for more).
If an ipc command is specified on the command line, and gqmpeg is not currently running, it is launched.
Internal interface redesigned, it should now be easy to add playback facilities for additional file types.
Pressing stop when already stopped now resets to beginning of playlist.
NetBSD mixer support.
The icecast / shoutcast netscape plugin now works.
Entries with tab completion are now obvious. (via tab arrow icon).
Better detection of mpg123 error messages, now prints unrecognized mpg123 messages as warnings (to the terminal).
Fix to set Solaris mixer device to /dev/audioctl.
Fix crash in shuffle code in some circumstances.
Various bugs fixes.

0.5.2 - 5/13/99

Fix bug when used with GTK+-1.2.3.

0.5.1 - 3/27/99

Add option to select how prev song works.
Fix bug with up/down/top/end buttons in playlist window.
Fix hang when selecting prev/next song successively very (very) fast.

0.5.0 - 3/24/99

Extend skin spec by adding: Support for international characters in fonts; Artist, Album, Genre font widgets, Hour widget, Total playlist length widgets, current song length widgets, frame total widget, Position_Item widget.
Add extended information to playlist window, with sort capability.
Now save playlist window size when `remember window positions` is enabled.
Add newer genres of ID3 tag spec.
Gracefully exit when mpg123 can not be found in path (used to crash on play)
Fix 'can't open /dev/dsp' error on Linux kernel 2.2.x
Fix segfault on exit when ipc is disabled.
Fix display error above 8 minutes (time was incorrect).
Fix when minutes exceed 60 with no hour widget.
No longer chases symbolic links.
Fix bug when loading ID3 tag with 1 character long fields.
make gnome-install now places link in the newer correct location.

0.4.6 - 2/1/99

Updated to work with mpg123 0.59q release (o and p still supported)
more work on ~/.gqmpeg/command, it is now a pipe, only exists when gqmpeg is running. Still work in progress.
fix possible SIGPIPE errors caused in playerio.c

0.4.5 - 1/22/99

Add simple command line options to control an already running process, commands include play, stop, pause, next, and prev.
Add mixer support for SPARC Ultra 1 machines (tested on solaris 2.5.1).
Increase mpg123 buffer limit to 8192 (from 3000).
Fix problems with changing shaped skins.
Fix crash when using up/down playlist buttons in gtk 1.1.x

0.4.4 - 12/16/98

Final fix for mpg123 buffer stop problems, the solution is to set mpg123 to it's own group id and kill the entire group. whew! :)
Add option to show all files in the playlist window filelist.
Increase mpg123 piped data timeout to 10 seconds.
Disable id3 tag editing for invalid files.
Beginnings of a FAQ.

0.4.3 - 12/8/98

Add append playlist button in playlist window.
Add option to display playlist length in the playlist window.
Add optional workaround for mpg123 buffer playback problems when seeking and skipping songs. (pause during error, then retry playback).
Add WM hints for icon and class.
Editing the Makefile is no longer necessary for any version of GTK. (tested to work through gtk+-1.1.5
Applied helpful patch to fix a file descriptor leak in playerio.c

0.4.2 - 11/25/98

Add shaped skin support. (use the Mask: option in the skindata file)
Updated the default skin to include volume/position slider and presets.
Fixes for the latest GTK+-1.1.5

0.4.1 - 11/13/98

Add path entry to playlist with tab completion.
Add tab completion all over, including file dialogs and config window.
Add better slider capabilities (vertical, reverse direction options).
Basic translation for iso_8859 characters when drawing skin fonts.
Fixes for FreeBSD, mixer should work now.

0.4.0 - 11/09/98

Add double size mode.
Add option to display cpu/frame info in the visualization window of winamp skins.
Add support for the winamp balance bitmap.
Fix Mixer routines to compile on non-linux systems. Note that on such systems, the mixers controls do nothing.
Fix loading of playlists to work when the current playlist is empty.

0.3.7 - 11/05/98

Add ability to edit/save Id3 tags.
Add move/copy/rename/delete options in playlist editor.
Add keyboard support, see key chart.
Allow time display to show song time remaining.
Playlist locations default to the ~/.gqmpeg/playlists directory.
Search the HOME env var first, allowing custom config dir location.
Skin directories can now contain spaces.
Fix crash when viewing song info for files beginning with junk.
Fix 'small_digit undefined' error report when it really was defined.
Fix -debug mode from causing mouse release functions from being ignored.
Fix segfault when closing warning/songinfo windows using WM controls.

0.3.6 - 10/25/98

Added basic volume controls, only tested on Linux x86. There will surely be problems on other platforms. (patches accepted/wanted). The controlled mixer device is specified in the options dialog.
Volume/Balance buttons, sliders, and status items added to skindata format.
winamp skin compatibility includes the new volume controls.
Added preset button capability (max 10), playlists can be bound to these.
Added support for mpg123's --8bit option
Added option to enable window manager decorations.
Song information window now contains mpg specific details including song length, file size, bit rates, etc.
Added install and gnome-install options to the Makefile.

0.3.5 - 09/01/98

Moved to imlib to load images, now any filetype can be used for skin images. Skin loading is faster now too. (recommended file format is png)
Added slider for song positioning, it is not in the default skin, however.
Added Status_Item for display of play/stop/pause condition.
Added ability for shuffle/repeat buttons to have a status light.
Added loader for w!n@mp skins, this loader is attempted if the skin is not found to be GQmpeg native.
Skins listed in the config dialog have (amp) beside them if they are w!n@mp.
The new skindata features are Position_Slider, Status_Item and Shuffle/Repeat_Button now has a status light option.
Fixed a serious bug causing segfault when GQmpeg is run on a system for the first time and a valid session-playlist.gqmpeg file is not found. 0.3.4 would only work for those that upgraded because of this.
Fixed bugs in button display when buttons have no prelight or status light specified in the skindata file.

0.3.4 - 08/29/98

Added right click context menus to the main window and playlist lists.
Added ID3 tag reading, by default this option is off. When a tag is available the title of the song is set to the tag's title. Songs with no tag revert to the filename. Tag support is read-only.
Added a 'smart window placement' option. When enabled (default) the window will snap to the edges of the screen when within 8 pixels. Also when enabled, the small mode always moves closest to the nearest edge, but within the area of the normal mode.
Option to save the window position and the window mode (normal/small).
Ability to add entire directories to the playlist by right clicking on a directory in the directory list. Directories can be added recursively too.
Middle clicking on a file adds it to the playlist, middle clicking on the playlist plays that song. (Double left click was and is there, but this is for those that hate double clicking)
Song info available on most right click menus, only shows ID3 info for now.
Available skins are now listed on the skin tab of the config dialog.
Now when 'save playlist bettween sessions' and 'play on startup' are enabled GQmpeg continues with the song that was playing on the last exit.
Added another file type, .mp2 to the filter.
Now when clicking on an area with no button, but not dragging to move the window, the window is raised.
Some major rewrites of some code, hoping no new bugs were introduced.

0.3.3 - 08/22/98

Removed WM window decorations, new Iconify_Button type for added to iconify the window.
To move the window, just click and drag anywhere there is no button.
New Mixer_Button type, the mixer can be changed under config->General.
Skins can have an alternate mode (can be a smaller version, for example), and added a Alt_Skin_Button type to switch skins, the alternate skin is defined with the same file format as the normal one, however it's data file is named skindata_alt. If there is no skindata_alt file, alternate skin mode is disabled.
Updated the default skin for no window decorations and added a smaller alternate skin.
GQmpeg now attempts to read the HOME environment variable as a last chance effort to figure out the home directory. If it still can not find a valid home directory, it gracefully exits with an error message.
The rc file themes renamed to HOME/.gqmpeg/gtkrc, was gtkrc-gqmpeg.
New tab in config window called startup, all relevent options moved there.
Reformatted this file (README) to fit within 80 character wide terminals.
skindata files: changed Mpegplayer_Item to Mpeglayer_Item (typo) changed Mpegver_Item to Mpegversion_Item

0.3.2 - 08/20/98

SKIN support! (why only a minor version change? Because skin support could be buggy and I want 0.4.0 to be stable.
New skin tab on config dialog. It contains an entry to specify the default skin. the default skin must reside in HOME/.gqmpeg/skins
The gqmpeg config files are now all under HOME/.gqmpeg/*
Added patch provided by Jeff Glover which adds #ifdef's for cpu utilization display to work on SGI IRIX 5.3 and 6.5
Fixed bug where when first starting GQmpeg and opening the playlist window, the files were not being sorted.

0.3.1 - 08/18/98

Added option to specify a custom output sampling rate.
Added option to show hidden files (those that begin with a dot).
Added buttons in playlist to move a song to the top or end (words 'beginning' and 'bottom' too many letters) of a list.
Added .mpg and .mpeg types to the file list.
Home directory code fixed.
Added patch provided by Heiner Schepers which adds #ifdef's for cpu utilization display to work on Sun Solaris 2.5.1
Fixed bug where GQmpeg would sigsegv if you pressed move down in the playlist and had not selected a song in the playlist.
Fixed bugs when removing songs from a playlist when playing or paused.

0.3.0 - 08/16/98

Added option of saving shuffle and repeat modes in a playlist, and the option of disabling the reading of these modes from a playlist.
Shuffle is much improved, and respects repeat mode. Prev and Next buttons now go through the shuffled songs instead of regenerating a random song on each press.
Added a 'go to home directory' button in the playlist dialog.

0.2.2 - 07/30/98

Fixed problems with the config dialog.

0.2.1a - 06/24/98

Loading a playlist while in random mode selects a random song.
Next and Prev buttons now select a random song when in random mode.
Pressing the next or prev buttons no longer crashes GQmpeg when the playlist is empty.

0.2.0 - 06/06/98

Drag and drop support. Works with other gtk apps. Just drag a file or playlist onto the main window or playlist window to start playing that song.
Rewrote file lists.
Added apply button to configuration dialog.
Big code reorganization.
Removed lengthy delay at the end of a song when using buffered play, the time should be more accurate too (less 'second skipping').

0.1.1 - 05/04/98

Changed the filelist code to properly implement the GList.
Some source code re-arranging.

0.1.0 - 04/06/98

Initial release.

updated 4/7/2004