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Graphics by Gimp

Here is a list of all skins alphabetically. The left column links to the skin's information location, the right column is a direct download link.

If you wish to contact an author, their email address is usually listed in the comments of a skin's skindata file. If you wish to submit a skin for this page, just mail it to me.

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V2 2black 2black.tar.gz (9k)
V2 4thTry 4thTry.tar.gz (52k)
Agressive Agressive.tar.gz (236k)
V2 (250k)
AZD AZD.tar.gz (22k)
aluminotic aluminotic-1.1.tar.gz (120k)
bakedbabies bakedbabies.tar.gz (29k)
blackboard blackboard-1.0.tar.gz (70k)
blue-information blue-i_1.tar.gz (21k)
BlueSteel BlueSteel.tar.gz (17k)
bubble skin-bubble-1.0.tar.gz (49k)
bubble-mim bubble-mim.tar.gz (52k)
car-preset skin-car-preset-1.0.tar.gz (23k)
circle skin-circle-1.0.tar.gz (61k)
clean clean.tar.gz (4k)
cool cool.tar.gz (4k)
CoronerQ skins/CoronerQ.tar.gz (38k)
e-theme skin-e-theme-1.0.tar.gz (90k)
example skin-example-1.2.tar.gz (26k)
example2 skin-example2-1.1.tar.gz (33k)
example3 skin-example3-1.0.tar.gz (27k)
example-d4 skin-example-d4.tar.gz (56k)
FlatLine FlatLine.tar.gz (10k)
fortissimo fortissimo.tar.gz (318k)
V2 fortissimo-2.0 fortissimo.2.0.tar.gz (102k)
freeamp freeamp.tar.gz (67k)
gothic gothic.tar.gz (54k)
gqofol gqofol.tar.gz (126k)
gray gray.tar.gz (6k)
grey-black grey-black.tar.gz (10k)
GTK GTK.tar.gz (4k)
helix helix.tar.gz (48k)
hfcool2 hfcool2.tar.gz (7k)
impact impact.tar.gz (36k)
iMpeg iMpeg.tar.gz (106k)
k-nine k-nine.tar.gz (272k)
V2 info-mod2 info-mod2.tar.gz (11k)
kpanel-dock kpanel-dock.tar.gz (6k)
kpanel-normal-horizontal kpanel-normal-horizontal.tar.gz (12k)
line line.tar.gz (77k)
minialum minialum.tar.gz (23k)
module module.tar.gz (186k)
MoonIce MoonIce.tar.gz (17k)
odometer skin-odometer-1.0.tar.gz (49k)
osk gqmpeg-skins-osk-1.0.1.tar.gz (21k)
paper skin-paper-1.3.tar.gz (118k)
V2 PDA skin-pda-1.0.tar.gz (38k)
pro-player skin-pro-player-1.0.tar.gz (79k)
pro-player2 skin-pro-player2-1.0.tar.gz (66k)
purple-preset skin-purple-preset-1.0.tar.gz (21k)
sand sand.tar.gz (7k)
sg skin-sg-1.1.tar.gz (78k)
shiny-blue skin-shiny-blue-1.0.tar.gz (115k)
silver skin-silver-1.0.tar.gz (23k)
V2 simplistic simplistic.tar.gz (10k)
V2 slate-alpha skin-slate-alpha.tar.gz (18k)
spiral spiral.tar.gz (9k)
swish swish.tar.gz (5k)
tattered tattered.19990919.tar.gz (120k)
tauceti tauceti-1.1.tar.gz (53k)
tildouf-skins tildouf-skins.tar.gz (39k)
ufo ufo.tar.gz (14k)
wharf skin-wharf.tar.gz (16k)
wmcool wmcool-1.3.tar.gz (4k)
yelojckt skins/yelojckt.tar.gz (11k)
ye-olde ye-olde.tar.gz (209k)
zoom-information zoom-information.tar.gz (13k)

index [ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ]
updated 08/19/2002